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Hi, I’m Josh (Zhuo Shi). I was born in 2015. I am a pupil now, but my dad and myself don’t see me just as a little boy and don’t put any restriction upon my learning, so we have learned a lot of things together.

I am:

;; define Josh as a lambda so that the title can be evaluated.
(define Josh
  (lambda ()
    (let ((actions '("I am doing math!"
                     "I am cubing!"
                     "I am playing Minecraft!")))
      (displayln (list-ref actions (random (length actions)))))))
;; [Josh]

I also know some programming languages, like Racket, Haskell, Python, Javascript, and C/C++. But I’m still on the way of learning. Kittle Buffer was the first project on which I collabrated with my dad, I worked as a feature designer and tester in the process. We are also planning to work on other projects not publicly released yet.

Sometimes I record videos about topics interest me, you may find these videos on my Youtube channel or here.

I haven’t learned to write articles yet, so my dad helped me write most content of this site. My dad also wrote a few pages about me on his website, maybe you can find them there.

Table of Contents:

    1 Journal

      1.1 What am I doing now

      1.2 Formal Journal

    2 Mathematics

    3 Cubing

      3.1 Cubes in my collection

      3.2 Showcase

    4 Games

      4.1 Games I Play

    5 About

      5.1 About this site

        5.1.1 How to contact me

      5.2 Links